The benefits of using a derma roller - take it from a skin expert!

You may wonder, “How in the world is inserting hundreds of little needles into your face relaxing? And why would anyone want to do that?” It sounds unusual, but skin needling aka derma rolling has a ton of benefits.

The modality of derma rolling is a super effective skincare treatment, with similar results to more intensive and invasive treatments like laser, and unlike laser, it's suitable for almost all and any skins, regardless of colour, type or condition, and without the downtime of treatments like laser.

The low down on derma rolling

The process of dermal rolling uses a device with super fine micro needles - think of this device like a handle with a wheel on the end and this wheel is covered with super fine spikes on it. 

Sounds ouchy, but a derma roller for home use shouldn't go beyond .25mm length of needle, therefore it is not painful at all - these very fine needles create a controlled trauma to the skin that ignites the skins healing and repair response; ultimately forcing the creation of juicy new collagen. 

This process repairs a multitude of skin sins, including fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars (both indented and coloured), pigmentation, rosacea, enlarged pores and loss of volume and firmness - leaving you with brighter, firmer, smoother and more refined skin. Um, yes please!

Something important to note: run a mile from anyone suggesting you use a home roller at home that has a depth greater than .35mm; anything more intense than that and you should be in a professional skin clinic with a trained professional who can ensure a sterile and controlled environment to reduce the risk of bacteria and infection).

Let’s look at the pros of derma rolling at home

  • Increases the effectiveness of topical skincare products; such as hyaluronic acid serums, kojic acid or retinol
  • Known as a "colour blind" modality, meaning it is suitable for darker skin tones (which many more advanced skin treatments are not).
  • Refines enlarged pores
  • Increased collagen plumps the skin, making it bouncy and youthful
  • Reduces post-acne scars
  • Reduces acne when combined with the correct skincare that is suitable for use with derma rolling (as the p.acne bacteria that causes acne dies upon contact with oxygen, and the teeny tiny little micro channels that are created from derma rolling allow oxygen to enter the acne lesion, meaning goodbye acne!)
  • Firms and tightens the skin
  • Reduces pigmentation
  • Reduces redness and surface vascular acitvity
  • Some almost immediate results
  • Only need to use 1-3 times per week

Some potential downfalls of derma rolling to consider

  • The device needs to be sterilized after each use with a solution like Milton's (baby aisle of the supermarket) to ensure the device remains clean and doesn't introduce bacteria into your skin
  • Skin feels active and is a bit pink after using (but you'll be doing your derma rolling at night before bed, so it's fine)
  • Only certain skin products should be used before and after derma rolling to avoid the risk of irritation or granulosum.
  • You need to replace your derma roller every 4-6mths to ensure your needles don't blunt

Sarah’s expert tips for using a derma roller at home

  1. Start small, building up from 1 time to 3 times a week over a 4-week period.
  2. Apply a suitable serum (I recommended hyaluronic serum) before you roll to give you some slip if you're a little scared to start with.
  3. After rolling apply lots of hydration
  4. Understand your skin will feel active post derma rolling, this is fine and normal - its what we want
  5. You don't need to be heavy-handed, go in light and gentle
  6. Work methodically across the face in small cubed sections, up and down first and then side to side in each little cube to ensure an even treatment

Overall, there are far more pros than cons when it comes to derma rolling, I love it and recommend every human introduces it to their skincare routine.