Should you use a face oil in your skincare regime?

I’m often asked if - and how - you should use a face oil. The answer is almost always a resounding “yes”. Decadent in texture and often invigorating in scent, face oils can help to retain moisture in the skin while delivering a potent dose of antioxidants, vitamins and skin-boosting ingredients. It’s just about finding the perfect match for your skin to enjoy these incredible benefits.

Choosing a face oil for your skin type

Different formulations are best suited to different skin types, just as we need to consider their delivery mode and the seasons. There are two categories of face oils, oleic and linoleic, each of which is suited for different skin types. Oleic oils are richer in consistency and offer a deeper level of moisturising, making them the better option for those with dry or dull complexions. Linoleic oils on the other hand are a great option for those with oily or combination complexions as they’re lightweight and non-comedogenic, meaning they won't clog the pores.


Don’t skip your serums or moisturiser in lieu of a face oil

Unlike your hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, ceramides and glycerin, oils are not technically hydrating within themselves so they shouldn’t be used instead of these ingredients or in place of a moisturiser. A few drops, however, can be added to your moisturiser or layered on top of it as the final step in your skincare routine to promote supple, soft and glowing skin.

Can I use a face oil if I have oily skin?

A common misconception about face oils is that they should be avoided by anyone with oily skin. Certain face oils can, in fact, help to regulate excess sebum (oil) production while simultaneously restoring the skin’s barrier function. Linoleic oils such as jojoba oil, rosehip oil, hempseed oil and rapeseed oil are great for this: these are lightweight, non-comedogenic oils that closely resemble the skin’s own oils for optimal absorption.

How can I incorporate a face oil into my regime?

Face oils are a fantastic way to enrich and nourish the skin in a luxurious and relaxing way and can be applied both morning and night. Applying after your serums either underneath your moisturiser for added hydration or on top of your moisturiser at night to seal in the products applied prior and lock in moisture. You can also add a few drops into your moisturiser to boost its lipid content.


Boujee up your face oil application

Using a gua sha, massage tool or simply your fingers is another great way to infuse the oil into the skin and helps to dissolve any tension, boosts blood flow and offers deep and lasting nourishment. Ensuring you have enough slip, apply a firm and consistent pressure working upwards and outwards across your face and decolletage.

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